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Organic Jaggery Gud Powder

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Organic Gud

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Jaggery Powder

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Organic Jaggery

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  • Price : Rs. 95.00 / $1.19
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Jaggery, also called gur in Hindi, is obtained while making sugar out of sugarcane. In order to make jaggery, raw, concentrated sugarcane juice is boiled until it becomes solid. Jaggery is better than white sugar as it not only adds sweet taste into beverages or dishes, but also has the ability to cleanse the body, control blood pressure, prevent respiratory problem, treat cold, provide instant energy and help in digestion. Our company supplies pure jaggery in solid and powdered forms. People on weight loss diet must switch to jaggery from refined white sugar. Though jaggery doesnt look appealing to many, especially young people, due to its raw appearance, but everyone must make it a regular part of diet. It is also good for skin.

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